Tommi brought a wealth of knowledge and strategies to the program in the areas of nonprofit fundraising, marketing strategies, direct mail design, and affinity group acquisition. I highly recommend her for any position calling for the enthusiasm and competence of a marketing professional.

Kathy Back, Group Manager Alliances, SPRINT Corporation

The James Group Studios, a commercial advertising agency, has collaborated with Tommi Pryor on creative and strategic projects for more than two decades. Out of all the people I’ve done business with in the past 25 years, I have more respect for her abilities than anyone else I’ve met. She is one of the smartest, hardest working professionals I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. She consistently over-delivers and provides the highest quality marketing expertise money can buy.

James Steidl, President, James Group Studios, Inc. and Partner, C4 Depot

Tommi is a smart, creative problem solver and an excellent strategist. She has the ability to provide solutions when no one else can. Her skills stretch from the ability to manage “in the weeds” work with finesse to providing sophisticated strategic solutions. Her warm personality makes her an absolute delight to work with.

Ann Myers-Jones, President, Direct Marketing Know-how

One of the brightest and most knowledgeable individuals I know in the industry. Some of her strengths include data, email marketing and the political marketplace. Cannot miss with Tommi. She will deliver excellent results.

David Thornbury, CEO, SMS Marketing Services, Inc.

Tommi has given me excellent service and her business ethics are on the highest level. I highly and enthusiastically recommend her!

Allen Randall, Artist, Photographer, Writer, Speaker

Tommi Pryor has provided excellent analysis on strategic and business model planning including outreach programing and network evaluations that have been helpful in setting timetables for projects and identifying resources. Her professional ability and expertise in the execution of programs meets the highest standards needed in today’s corporate climate. She is a goal setter, forward thinker and gets results. Tommi is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services.

Bill RemaK, California Hepatitis C Task Force, California Chronic Care Coalition, FAIR Foundation

I worked in close association with Tommi Pryor at HOSTS Learning, INC. She seamlessly consulted, advised and handled all aspects of marketing in a manner demonstrating great competency, attention to detail and unparalleled knowledge of diverse wide-ranging market segments. Tommi worked tirelessly to pull together phenomenal, successful, high level strategic presentations in support of sales efforts and initiatives time and again. Regardless of the circumstances Tommi can be counted on to deliver all elements necessary to respond to any opportunity. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work closely with Tommi Pryor and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her highly.

Stefanie Finklestein, Life Coach

The direct mail package you designed for our PAC brought us out of debt netting $7.00 for every name mailed, netted a 700% return on investment!

John Maxwell, Executive Director, Campaign for Prosperity

The results of our first few mailings of the letters you prepared for us proved very successful. We received a 12% initial return, and after accounting for bad addresses on our list, the return rate was really even better. By the time we mailed the third letter in your series, the response was up to 16.6%. This works out to $21 for every $1 of expense or an advertising cost of 4.76%. We’re delighted with your work and expect to continue to work with for many years.

Joel Goodman, VP Planning and Development, Western State University College of Law

I was pleased to put Tommi on the podium with such industry giants as Martin Baier and Bob Stone for Kansas City’s Direct Marketing Days. Her pioneering efforts in educational and not-for-profit marketing have earned her a place in the annals of direct marketing. Her sessions were among the most well attended and highly rated.

William Steinhardt, CEO, Steinhardt Direct, Inc.; President, KC, MO Direct Marketing Association

The emails you provided me tripled the number of votes I got in the counties we mailed compared to those we did not mail. I would advise anyone running in the future to use your service.

Tom Stearns
Independent Candidate for Florida Chief Financial Officer

Our ballot initiative client was thrilled with the results of the email broadcast. The kudos really belongs to you!

Lauren T.
Global Vision Communications

I was very happy with the results of the e-blast we did. You were very helpful with creating a good product to send!

Larry Lauer
District 14 Coordinator for Maryland GOP State Candidates

Your Help was Important to forging this victory!

Bob Bibee
Campaign Consultant Paul Broun for Congress

I had the opportunity to work with Tommi Pryor in my capacity as a California State Senator . . . It is rare for Republicans and Democrats to agree on anything when it comes to education, and Tommi was able to effectively navigate the turbulent waters of the legislature. I highly recommend Tommi for a position relating to public policy.

Senator Ray Haynes, CA Senate Minority Whip (Ret.)
National Chair, American Legislative Exchange Council (2000)

The passage of AB691 with its $200 million allocation (for K-12 Reading and Math grant funding) was extremely remarkable because of the current fiscal condition of the state. Our success this year was due to Tommi Pryor’s excellent judgment. She realized what was achievable and then moved quickly and judiciously to make it happen.

Stephen Rhodes, Partner, Strategic Education Services

Tommi Pryor would be an asset to any company or organization looking to impact public policy, raise funds, develop strategic alliances, or increase memberships or partnerships.

Gary Huggins, Executive Director, Education Leaders Council

Tommi was responsible for assisting me in developing a Government Relations infrastructure to support state initiatives designed to increase HOSTS’ market share. In this capacity, she recruited and managed lobbyists in key states, established relationships and secured meetings with key policy-makers and government leaders, researched and analyzed legislative initiatives and opportunities, assisted the company with marketing strategies and the development of materials, advised the company on compliance issues, successfully built bipartisan support for company sponsored legislation, and assisted in forming strategic alliances with leading policy-maker organizations. She exceeded my expectations in her ability to network and to accomplish difficult assignments.

Bill Gibbons, Chairman, HOSTS Learning, Inc.

Tommi Pryor was one of the first people to reach out and offer support for the transplant families. Long before the transplant cuts became widely publicized, the thought of these families trapped in a nightmare touched Mrs. Pryor’s heart and moved her to action. Her sense of compassion was genuine–as was her sense of outrage at the idea of fellow Americans dying needlessly. It takes courage to challenge a sitting Governor, especially if you’ve never been politically active before. Mrs. Pryor has that courage, and she built her effort from scratch without any political connections. Tommi Pryor’s courage and positive support has meant a great deal to everyone.

Stevan Daglas, Illinois Republican Committeeman and founder of the Arizona98 group of transplant families

Tommi, you have done a monumental job with practically nothing but the inertia of a handful of dedicated and passionate souls. Well done!

Bill Remak, National Chairman, of Hepatitis C Task Forces

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