How to Make Extra Money: 100 Home-based Businesses for Part-Time and Retirement Income, Laurenzana Press, 2012

Pregnancy Diet & Health: Facts You Should Know About Food Safety to Protect Your Unborn Child, Millwood Media, 2012
Diabetes Diet: Recipes for Healing Diabetes, Millwood Media 2012
Cut Your Debts Now:  How to Get Out of Debt Quicker Than You Think, Laurenzana Press, 2012
List Broker Riches, Self-published 2013

  • Death of a Princess:  Accident or Assassination, Self-published, 1997

  • A Complete Training Program for Recruiting Students by Telephone, NRCCUA, 1981

  • Direct Mail Marketing Manual, NRCCUA 1979

  • Secrets to Instant Email Lists, Self-published, 2013

  • The Art of Complaining: How to Get What You Deserve (In progress)

Articles (Partial List)

  • The Value of a Good Name, DMA Nonprofit Federation Journal, 2002
  • Does Email Marketing Stack Up to Other Media, Winning Campaigns
  • Email Campaign Success, Winning Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Works, But What Are the Rules?, Winning Campaigns
  • Empowering Your Email Campaign, Winning Campaigns
  • Reaching the Hispanic Market — A Major Political Force, Winning Campaigns
  • Positioning is to Know Thyself, Higher Education Marketing Journal, 1985
  • How Does Email Marketing Stack Up?, Winning Campaigns
  • Optimizing Your Email Campaign, Winning Campaigns
  • Strategies to Engage Hispanics, Winning Campaigns
  • Subject Lines Rule When It Comes to Email Campaigns, Winning Campaigns
  • Winning with Email, Winning Campaigns

WGA Registered Screenplays & Treatments

  • On the Hill
  • Dream Chasers
  • Blood Chit
  • Sweepers
  • AngelFlight

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